Responsive web design (MVP)

Doctor website with educational blog and integrated booking system. 

Dr. Mariana Hoyo is a certified medical cannabis doctor. The reason for her website is so that people can educate themselves on the subject of medical cannabis through her informative blogs. Also, through the website, patients who want or require a medical consultation can schedule it directly through it.
2 weeks
Problem to solve
The problem we want to solve is that people cannot find a stable source where they can find legitimate cannabis information. Also, the system that the doctor was running for scheduling her appointments was very chaotic. People were making appointments on whatever channel they wanted, so the doctor had to move from channel to channel to see her appointments and answer people.
Target customers
The target audience is women from 35 and upwards. However, the aim is to reach men and women in their 20s and above.
The only drawback is the limited time. With such a limited time period, it is difficult to have time to do a good research on the market and the customers, which can affect the whole product design.
Web design
Mid-fi Wireframing

MVP (minimum viable product)
Further steps

The implementation of :

  • Online payments for patients to have a more complete appointment scheduling experience by making payment in one place.

  • E-commerce so that patients can order online the products that the doctor prescribes.

  • A more modern and ground-breaking design that reflects the revolutionary market of the legalisation of the use of medical cannabis.